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Mexico Munching: Final Highlights

4 Jun

Day 5 would bring one of the most eventful nights of the trip, as we headed down to a restaurant called Del Lago, which hosts a Mexican style buffet along with live entertainment.

Inside of Del Lago

A creative light fixture at Del Lago, made from baskets

A weekly event, guests of the resort are invited down to this beautiful venue situated on a lagoon, where they receive various greeting gifts, including a delicious tamarind margarita, the first of many unlimited refreshments of the night.

Tamarind margarita

After I polished off this exotic flavoured margarita, I decided to go for the more commonly consumed lime variety, and then went to scope out the vast offerings of food, spread out on tables decorated with whimsical designs.

Lime margarita

Del Lago buffet

Tortilla soup station

Guests choose from an assortment of traditional soups, salads, mains and desserts, with truly something for every appetite. My plate was adorned with a colourful spread containing the usual suspects of tortilla chips, guacamole, salsa, beans and corn salad, as well as an easy-to-eat corn-on-the-cob…on a stick. I also enjoyed pulled chicken served on a hand-packed corn tortilla, a beef toquito, and some flavourful Mexican rice that they garnish with peas, corn, hard-boiled eggs, and grilled plantain.

For dessert I stuck mainly to  fresh fruit, but couldn’t resist a Mexican crêpe drizzled with dulce de leche. A glass of rice and cinnamon water was a stand-out treat for me, and although some may find it a tad gritty and rather peculiar tasting, I really enjoyed this unique beverage as I finished off my feast and began to watch the evening’s entertainment of dancers, singers, and acrobats displaying the history of Mexican culture through performance.

Mexican style crepe

Agua de Horchata: rice and cinnamon flavoured water

Performance at Del Lago

A floreadore (trick roper) backed up by a mariachi band

The final days of my vacation were filled with even more fantastic food and delicious drinks as I soaked in the last of the warm rays before returning to rainy Victoria. A casual dish of grilled fish served with lettuce, avocado, tomato, and a collection of spicy sauces, as well as a classic piña colada made up my final lunch, after eating my only hearty breakfast, once again at the buffet style restaurant of Del Lago (clearly no gym trips were attempted after this giant feast).

Empanada and grilled plantain

Grilled fish on corn tortillas

Piña colada with a heart-shaped pineapple garnish

One of most wonderful things I was introduced to during this vacation was cajeta. Made from goats milk instead of regular cow’s milk, this sweet treat is the Mexican version of the before mentioned dulce de leche, and makes an excellent topping for almost any dessert. Naturally, I couldn’t resist picking up a last-minute jar at the airport’s duty free store, so that I could bring home a bit of the sweetness of my vacation.

Cajeta de Cabra

A week of fun, food, delicious drinks, sunshine and most important of all, wonderful times spent with family – a great start to a summer that will no doubt be filled with all these amazing things as well!

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Mexico Munching: Day 3 and 4

28 May

Day 3

By the third day of my Mexican retreat I was well in the swing of things. Same morning routine as mentioned in Mexican Munching: Day 1 and 2:

Wake up. Light breakfast. Gym. Pool. Lunch.

I great way to start any day I would think.

Day 3’s poolside snacks included a fresh and citrusy ceviche as well as, you guessed it, more guacamole. Clearly I was starting to get experimental with my drinks and ordered a Pay-ay, which provides a melange of various alcohols and fruit juices served in a personified pineapple. So that my Pay-ay friend wasn’t lonely, my cousin ordered a Coco-loco, a similarly decorated drink that infuses its booze with coconut milk and coconut water. Fun and festive, the Pay-ay and Coco-loco are both tasty and entertaining, and even provide a delicious post-drink snack with all the fruity facial features.

Grouper citrus ceviche

Guacamole, salsa, and chips

Coco-loco and Pay-ay

These delights were digested by the Grand Luxxe pool, which is steps away from the beautiful Cancun area Caribbean ocean. The beachfront of this resort is as gorgeous as the rest of the compound, with countless cabanas, huts and chairs to relax on as you take in the surrounding serenity.

Dinner offered a classier alternative to my lounge-chair lunch, as some of the more mature members of our party decided to dine at Tramonto, an upscale Italian restaurant. Appetizers included a spectacular beef carpaccio, accompanied by a wild mushroom salad served in a radicchio cup, as well as a delicate caprese salad, beautifully presented greens salad, and a creamy tomato soup garnished with three adorable crispy mini raviolis.

Greens salad

Caprese salad

Beef carpaccio, with a wild mushroom salad

Tomato soup with crispy ravioli

For my main dish, I enjoyed an impeccably prepared seared tuna with a side of spaghetti that was as equally perfectly presented. Dessert was an interesting, yet exquisite provolone cheesecake with a black cherry coulis that proved to be an ideal ending to this rich and flavourful meal.

Seared tuna with a side of spaghetti

Provolone cheesecake with a black cherry coulis

Day 4

You’d think at this point I would have sprouted gills with all the fish I was eating, but it’s hard to resist when it’s this fresh and prepared in such amazingly varied ways. One of the best fish dishes I sampled during this vacation was a grilled fish taco, with fish so flavourful itself, it really didn’t need much accompaniment. But of course it came with ample amounts of guacamole and beans, that of which I didn’t turn away. Along with my tacos, I enjoyed a tropical melange somewhat reminiscent of the sea itself, with its light blue colour, the result of a mix of rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, coconut milk and a splash of lime.

Grilled fish tacos

My sea-creature consumption only continued during dinner, at the Asian-style restaurant Gong.  For a starter I had very thinly sliced seared tuna in a mix of manzano chilli pepper sauce, soy sauce, yuzu, truffle oil, green apple, mint and seasame seed with wasabi, and sampled bites from my mom’s black cod, served with asparagus and a hijiki salad.

Sliced seared tuna with manzano chilli pepper sauce, soy sauce, yuzu, truffle oil, green apple, mint and seasame seed

Black cod, served with asparagus and a hijiki salad

I also ordered Kobe beef skewers served with pickled vegetables, and a delicious drink called Island Vibes that mixed together clove and cinnamon infused rum with lime juice, simple syrup and tamarindo, to create a cocktail reminiscent of southern sweet iced-tea.

Kobe beef skewers served with pickled vegetables

Island Vibes cocktail

The sushi at Gong was some of the best I’ve ever tried, especially the beautifully presented ahi tuna cone with thinly sliced avocado.

It’s a good thing my dinner of appetizers was so light, because dessert offered quite I different experience. Never one to turn down something dipped in batter, I decided to go for the deep-fried ice-cream and also had bites of my cousins’ deep fried banana dish, accompanied by the no doubt healthier option of grilled bananas,  as well as a scoop of light, yet rich chocolate mousse.

Deep-fried ice-cream with fresh berries and mint

Deep-fried and grilled bananas with chocolate mousse and vanilla ice-cream

Another couple days of great food and drink – a wonderful warm-up for the feasting that was about to occur on day 5 of my trip.

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