Digesting the Experience

4 Oct

I’m writing this post in a very different environment than I’ve been used to for the past month. It’s damp and cool outside, somewhat overcast and the air smells like dewy grass and pine. That’s because I’m now back in Victoria, BC Canada – a harsh contrast to sunny and somewhat dusty 30-degree days I was experiencing in Paris. Although I was very sad to leave that amazing city, there is always something so comforting about returning home, especially when your hometown smells as fresh and sweet as Victoria does, and ESPECIALLY when have a very much missed faced smiling at you with open arms in the airport arrivals area.

But my feelings are mixed as I leave a life that seemed like a dream and now must return to a regular routine and reality. But restoring reality comes slowly. I know that for the next few weeks I’ll be expecting my waiters to be snooty and stiff, I’ll probably greet store clerks with a cheery “bonjour,” and I’ll be confused when my grocery store doesn’t have 100 different types of cheese.  But that’s the beauty about experiences such as these. My body might be back in Canada, but my mind is still decidedly Parisian, lost in the cobblestone streets of St. Germain de Pres and Montmarte. And of course there’s no better way for me to stay in the Parisian state of mind than to continue with my blog posts, as I have many to catch up on. So don’t fret! Although I’m back in Canada and will no doubt be going on an all protein and veggie diet with no caffeine or wine, I’ll still be able to share with you the creamy, rich, pastry-covered dishes that I became so accustomed to in Paris.

A few upcoming posts to whet your appetite…

The Return of Waterloo – Bringing Wellington Back to France: In this post I will be showing you a French take on the classic Beef Wellington as well as an orange-caramel covered isle flotant dessert.

A Sweet Year: In an ironic and definitely unintentional surprise, we made a duck breast dish with the classic Rosh Hashanah combo of apples and honey on the first day of the Jewish New Year. And for dessert? A sweet white chocolate mouse with a raspberry coulis.

The Last Supper: Truly going out with a bang (or a very full stomach), we made two complete meals on our final day including an amazing fish and pastry dish, flourless chocolate cake with coffee whipped cream, a very rich roast veal covered with thinly sliced ham, grated emmental, and sauce-blanche, and an apple-cinnamon Parisian pie.

The Art of Living: I’ll finally be giving you some details on the Art de Vivre classes with topics ranging form table settings, planning dinner parties, wines, cheeses and floral arrangements.

A Table for Two: In this post I will be highlighting some of my favorite restaurants I visited while in Paris, along with other culinary experiences that occurred outside of the classroom.

Dinner for One: While more often than not I was eating out at exquisite bistros and brasseries, there were those odd nights where I really felt like some healthy home-cooked food. In this post I will be sharing my experiences of eating-in while in Paris.

So stay-tuned for these upcoming posts and more, and of course feel free to send me an email (shorttandsweet@gmail.com) or comment with questions about my over-all experience or further details on specific posts.


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