Camden Market – Not Just Trinkets and Chachkas

3 Sep

Unlike our beloved Borough Market, London’s Camden Market isn’t all about food. However, it definitely offers a host of edible options to choose from as you poke around some of the kiosks of this well-known destination

Nestled between a seemingly endless array of jewelry, candles, incense and clothing vendors, are cobblestone hallways containing international culinary delights.

Your mouth can travel around the world in a matter of minutes with an assortment of Thai, Japanese, Lebanese, Greek, French and other global cuisine – the list is truly endless. And even if you’re not that hungry, you can satisfy your taste buds with an incessant supply of free samples that are constantly shoved in your face.

If you’re looking for an actual meal but don’t have much money to spare, 2 pounds will buy you a pile of Chinese food with everything ranging from sweet and sour pork, sautéed vegetables, Chow Mein and fried chicken.

For a healthier option try a veggie burger made from scratch right in front of you, served with grilled halloumi cheese, avocado, sautéed onions and lettuce.

By far the most delicious and innovative item we tried at Camden were the decadent “Dutch Dunkers”. The young woman that runs this kiosk moved to England from Holland only a few months ago. Missing the taste of Dutch pancakes covered in chocolate, nuts and fruit (I don’t blame her), she set up this now very popular food stand that offers her hometown favorite with a bit of a twist.

Instead of a pancake on a plate, this chef offers pastry balls served in a paper cone.

You then have your choice toppings including three different types of chocolate, an assortment of fruit and nuts and organic syrup.

The balls are different and delectable and the cup allows you to continue your jaunt around the market without having to sit and cut away at a full pancake or waffle.

Another market conquered in London, now off to Paris where I’m sure I’ll have many more market meals to report…


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