Eating Our Way Through Borough Market

28 Aug

It’s hard to believe that I was in London a full 3 days before making it to a market. I love markets. The sounds, smells, colours, variety – a feast for the stomach as well as the eyes.  London’s Borough Market, located near the south side of the London Bridge, embodies all of these things with a host of locally made treats, and a kaleidoscopic array of fresh fruits & vegetables. More so than some of the other London markets like Portobello Road or Camden Market, the main focus of Borough Market is food. Delicious, wonderful food.

These scrumptious goodies are perfectly situated within the charming steel frame of the overhead railroad and nostalgic brick walls.

 Almost frozen from excitement upon entering, Susan and I were overwhelmed by all the mouthwatering options like freshly made fudge…

…and potted baked goods.

After doing a couple laps, our appetites growing ever larger, we settled on a food stand offering savory boar sausages served on a fresh Kaiser bun topped with sautéed onions, horse radish, mustard and spring greens, accompanied by a side of sliced deli pickles.

For dessert, we opted for Turkish delight (truly the best I’ve ever had)…

….and some hot mulled cider.

We picked up a couple pies and some fresh vegetables for dinner.

Heirloom tomatoes, lemon cucumber, and golden beets added some excitement to our salad.


Pie #1 was a lamb pie with free range British lamb, carrot, and “swede” (aka rutabaga), flavored with mint and rose wine.

Pie #2 was the Heidi pie, stuffed full with goat cheese, sweet potato, spinach and roasted garlic.

Market-going may be a clichéd white-person indulgence, as my friend Susan pointed out (Stuff White People Like: #5 Farmer’s Markets), but if I could buy food from a stand and fresh groceries for dinner every day from a bustling market, then I’d be one very happy girl.

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