Tasty Thali, Yummy Yogurt

26 Aug

One dining destination that came highly recommended to me for my time in London was Masala Zone. (http://www.masalazone.com/index.php).

This popular chain originated in London’s trendy Soho district in 2001. Since then, it has burst all over England becoming one of the most popular Indian restaurants in the UK. The reason for its success? Probably the fact that they have craftily combined healthy balanced food with exciting and unique Indian flavors.

One of the items that they’re known for is their thali.  Served on a stainless steel platter with small bowls called “katoris,” the thali consists of a wide variety of dishes, each offering something different and delicious. With this traditional way of eating Indian cuisine, you are given the choice of various vegetarian or meat curries to be the feature dish of the platter.

Susan and I opted for the vegetarian Thali and chose a flavorful curry dish containing purple yams, eggplant and cooked banana.

We also ordered an enticing korma chicken, delicately seasoned with saffron.

While there are numerous Masala Zone locations to choose from, we went to one in Islington, and to our delight stumbled across the wonderful little neighborhood of Angel. After walking around its bustling streets for a while, we found ourselves at a frozen yogurt place called Samba Swirl (http://www.sambaswirl.co.uk/).  Much like Qoola (http://www.qoola.com/) back home, the concept is that you choose your frozen yogurt flavor (or flavors), add any topping you like (of which there are many), and then your cup is weighed for pricing.

One might say we went a little overboard, while others might agree that there is just too much goodness to choose from and sometimes being able to have a taste of everything is half the fun of going to a place like this.

Although I’m pretty sure having red velvet, cheesecake, lemon, coconut AND chocolate frozen yogurt all in one cup is a tad excessive.


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