Ready to Eat in London

24 Aug

The last time I was in London was over 4 years ago. It was at the end of a long backpacking trip and by the time my traveling partner and I arrived in this wonderful city we had almost completely exhausted our funds and decided to spend our remaining budget on West End musicals over restaurant meals. Luckily for us, London offers a glorious food chain called Pret a Manger ( which features relatively inexpensive and deliciously creative sandwiches, soups, and other lunchtime goodies. Even luckier is that there is basically a “Pret” on every street corner.  Since that trip, every time someone even alludes to London, I burst out in an almost a frantic manor “PRET A MANGER!!”as if my life depends on them knowing of its existence. Therefore, it was only natural that my first culinary stop in this city was at my beloved Pret.


With almost too many options to choose from I could have spent the afternoon in Pret alone taking mind photos of all the mouth-watering concoctions. In fact, they’re very good about listing their ingredients so that if you wanted, I’m sure you could make a pretty good replica at home.


My friend Susan, (she’s from Victoria and will be beginning her masters at the London School of Economics in the fall), had the one shown above, describing it as “Thanksgiving in a sandwich.”

I opted for a sandwich filled with chicken, avocado, whole leaf basil, yogurt mayo dressing and lettuce.

I also grabbed a “Vitamin Volcano” smoothie for an extra little nutrient boost to aid my jet-lagged exhaustion and phobia of getting sick in big dirty cities.

Lunchtime conversation consisted of Susan and I “mmm-ing” and “oo-ing” over our scrumptious little sandwiches and remarking how the wonderful thing about Pret is that you can be in a major hurry and have a delicious, well-balanced meal and not have to resort to street-meat or Subway. But then again as you already know, I’ve always preferred making my own lunches. So perhaps next time I’m making a sammy, I’ll throw in some yogurt mayo dressing or fruit chutney and bring Pret a Manger to me.


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